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Editorial - The WorldTempus Selections: Winter 2023

Editorial The WorldTempus Selections: Winter 2023

Take a walk on the wild side with our hand-picked collection of recently released watches, written from an unusual point of view…

My dear WorldTempus family, I don’t remember the last time we had such a busy start to the year. Actually, that’s not true — I do remember, it was in 2019, and the world was a different place then. This year, however, high-velocity January and non-stop February are back! What with LVMH Watch Week, exciting launches from brands such as Audemars Piguet and Omega, not to mention our very own alpine adventures in Zermatt, we’re totally behind on our seasonal horological recommendations. Not to worry, though, because the Winter 2023 edition of WorldTempus Selections is right here, right now, on the screen before your very eyes. 

This time, we’ve put a fun little twist on the WorldTempus Selections concept. It’s a bit of an editorial takeover, because we’ve brought in some other members of the WorldTempus family to nominate their favourite watches of winter 2023. You might be surprised to hear from these particular family members, because they walk on four legs and lack opposable thumbs. That’s right, I’m referring to the magnificent beasts that belong to the various households of the WorldTempus team, who sometimes grace the office with their presence, brighten up our day and inspire us in our creative endeavours! Pets are family too, and since today also happens to be International Love Your Pet Day, we wanted to give these precious creatures a turn at airing their opinions on the latest timepiece launches. 

Classic: Hublot Classic Fusion 33mm in yellow gold, chosen by Milo the Border Terrier

Some people might look askance at my choice, imagining that the words “Hublot” and “classic” don’t belong in the same sentence. My bipedal friends, let me assure you that anything made in 1980 can definitely be considered a classic in 2023. We’re talking about a watch that has existed for 300 dog years, after all! What’s more, this watch literally has the word “classic” in its name; there’s simply no debate here. I enjoy tearing around the fields by my house (where I generously allow WorldTempus Editorial Director Sophie Furley to take a room, since she prepares such excellent doggy meals), but I also consider myself a canine of sophisticated taste. The yellow-gold Classic Fusion is therefore the perfect mix of luxury materials and sporty design. It also happens to match my lush brindled coat, and the 33mm diameter looks simply divine on a dog of my diminutive, yet imposing, stature.

Les sélections de WorldTempus : hiver 2023

Milo and Hublot Classic Fusion 33mm in yellow gold © Sophie Furley/WorldTempus and Hublot

Formal: Bulgari Divas' Dream Diamond & Ruby, chosen by Nina the Holsteiner

Quite simply, this watch was made for an equine queen like me. Being skilled in showjumping, I’ve come to rely on my ultra-precise instincts, and a high-quality quartz movement suits me from head to hoof. I’ve been told I have a flair for the dramatic, and it’s also true that the local stallions have been quarrelling amongst themselves to see who gets to ask me out first. Let me tell you — it’s whoever comes to my stable bearing the Divas' Dream with my name engraved on it. While my origins are Germanic, my mistress Fiona Jean-Mairet (WorldTempus Account Manager) is half-Spanish, and that Latin spirit courses through my veins. It’s no surprise that I’m irresistibly drawn by ruby-red passion and diamond-bright sparkle.

Les sélections de WorldTempus : hiver 2023

Nina and Bulgari Divas' Dream Diamond & Ruby © Genevieve De Sebipus/Sepiphot.ch and Bulgari

Modern: TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 42mm Golf Edition, chosen by Gus the Australian Shepherd

I may have lived all my life in Switzerland with Marie de Pimodan (joint Editor in Chief of GMT Magazine), but I’m an Aussie by heritage and my soul longs for the Antipodes. My fellow countrymen have a profound appreciation for TAG Heuer, and if that isn’t a sign of quality, then I’m a cat! Long runs in open green spaces are totally my thing, and TAG Heuer’s new Connected watch dedicated to golf belongs in the same realm, far from the urban cacophony and bleak concrete of the modern metropolis. I was bred to have sharp eyes and take charge of unruly flocks, so I feel incredibly aligned with this watch, which can reliably keep track of every stroke and give even the most devious golfer an honest scorecard. Counting sheep? Been there, done that. Counting golf strokes? I’m 100 per cent down — everything’s more fun when you turn it into a game. 

Les sélections de WorldTempus : hiver 2023

Gus and TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 42mm Golf Edition © Marie de Pimodan/GMT Magazine and TAG Heuer

Retro/Vintage: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 37mm, chosen by Aston the Abyssinian 

Listen here, I’m a very busy cat, so I hope you appreciate the time I’m taking to explain my watch choices to you. I got snacks to eat, furniture to claw, flowerpots to push off the balcony… it’s a full agenda! I only said yes to this interview because the president of my fan club Jordy Bellido (WorldTempus Managing Editor) showed me the new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 37mm in yellow gold and it took my majestic (and fishy) breath away. Abyssinians are a regal yet playful feline breed, and the Royal Oak is the epitome of that combination of characteristics. The turquoise dial is spectacular — almost as spectacular as myself — and its vintage splendour is something that only the most stylish personalities can pull off. What can I say? It takes an icon to wear an icon.

Les sélections de WorldTempus : hiver 2023

Aston and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatique 37mm © Jordy Bellido/WorldTempus and Audemars Piguet

Sports: Omega Speedmaster Super Racing, chosen by Mojito the Jack Russell Terrier

You know what they say about Jack Russell Terriers? That we’re smart, efficient and built for an active life. If you’re thinking of getting a Jack Russell Terrier, you have to accept that the couch potato life is not for you. The same could be said for the Omega Speedmaster Super Racing. My sister Nina likes glitz and glamour, but I’m more understated in my tastes. Inside the Speedmaster Super Racing you’ll find the new Spirate fine-adjustment system, a true horological innovation. Us Jack Russells are hunting dogs, we know about strategy, we understand technique, so you can imagine how much I appreciate this timepiece. Mama Fiona takes me to the office frequently enough that I feel I’ve absorbed quite a bit of horological knowledge! The Omega Speedmaster Super Racer may look like a regular sports watch, but we all know that it takes a truly smart boy (like me!) to recognise how cool it is.

Les sélections de WorldTempus : hiver 2023

Mojito and Omega Speedmaster Super Racing © Fiona Jean-Mairet/WorldTempus and Omega

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