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Jaquet Droz - The Philosophy of the Unique

Jaquet Droz The Philosophy of the Unique

Jaquet Droz cultivates a relationship with its collectors is that is unique as they are – and indeed as the Maison that brings their creative visions to life

To achieve this, Jaquet Droz is guided by a core principle: the Philosophy of the Unique. It is based on precise skills and professions, practiced at the heart of its workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds. 

Among them is the art of Grand Feu enamel. Playing with the fineness of the powders and the precision of the kilns, the master dial-makers are the only ones to know the formula resulting in these dials with their unique color and texture. Once finished, each dial is inalterable given that the brilliance of enamel remains undimmed for centuries.

Meanwhile, the art of painting provides opportunities for meticulous, entirely hand-crafted decoration. While techniques endure, times change and so do designs: Jaquet Droz currently personalizes its timepieces with a disruptive, even provocative style. Some things never change, however, as the painter still needs several weeks to make a single dial – that is of course one of a kind.

The art of engraving and micro sculpture is fundamental, giving life, body and volume to each piece. Whether engraving on gold, platinum or minerals, using relief or intaglio techniques, the Jaquet Droz artisans master every tiny nuance of their craft. Their knowledge and patience enable them to bring to life exceptional automatons capable of emerging from the dial on a level with sapphire crystal, as if every collector could actually reach out and touch them.

Finally, mineral art. The Maison’s unique skill in this area enables it to combine onyx, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, jade and opal in compositions exuding unprecedented powers. The mineral is vibrantly alive with shimmering reflections and subtle veins accentuating the unique nature of each timepiece. 

This list is nonetheless not exhaustive, as Jaquet Droz daily adds to its existing talents and each collector pushes the Manufacture towards new horizons. But it still has many trump cards up its sleeve: the art of gemsetting, line engraving, mosaic, and others that remain a closely guarded secret...

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An elegant, outward-looking philosophy that dates back to the Age of Enlightenment is still at the heart of Jaquet Droz's identity. The fine and rare handcrafts practiced at the company’s workshops produce exquisite miniature works of art and automata that combine the best of design with unprecedented levels of horological know-how.

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