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Kerbedanz - At The Centre Of Your Own Legends…

Kerbedanz At The Centre Of Your Own Legends…

Are you a fan of owls, an astrology enthusiast, or a mythology lover? Whatever your totem or touchstone, Kerbedanz creates with you (and in record time) a watch inspired by your favorite symbols.

Enamelling, gem-setting, engraving, double tourbillon or minute repeater combined with an automaton animation: no watchmaking refinement escapes Kerbedanz, known for Maximus, the world's largest tourbillon. What is so special about the brand? A "co-creation" service, combined with delivery of the watch within 8 to 12 weeks. As brand co-founder Kalust Zorik explains, "Our customers always order unique pieces for an event. Usually, this one does not take place the following year... but rather the following month!". As you might have guessed, this type of ultra high-end service is aimed at a very specific category of clients, the MIPs (Most Important Persons) with a fortune in excess of 30 million dollars — of whom there are 200,000 to 250,000 worldwide.

Au cœur de vos propres légendes

Maximus © Kerbedanz

The Myth Becomes Reality

To build a universe of symbols corresponding to a unique personality, the brand goes straight to its Chief Design Officer, Aram Petrosyan, who is also at the origins of Kerbedanz. He assists customers in creating the design of their own watches.  The only distinctive feature of Kerbedanz models is the crown, placed at 1 o'clock, representing the northeast — the place of sunrise on the summer solstice, symbolizing the origin of spirit and energy. All of the brand's models, whether existing or yet to be invented, can be adapted at will to the craziest or sweetest desires, such as this one client — a great lover of owls — who wanted to wear one on his wrist, having already adorned his yacht and his house with them. Or the Ê model, which features a map of symbols linked to date and time of birth. The brand also collaborates with a symbolist who also writes a book of personal symbols to accompany the most personalized creations.

A Range of Savoir-Faire

As a guarantee of creativity and responsiveness, Kerbedanz makes its own watches in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, including cases, dials and hands. The brand relies internally on extensive expertise in watchmaking, fine crafts and jewelry, thanks to a team composed of designers, watchmakers, watchmakers, enamellers and a gem-setter. "The integration of these professions allows us to reach new heights in fine crafts," continues Kalust Zorik. "This approach allows us to give life to exceptional models, such as the Esperanza Classic, paved with nearly 10 carats of pink sapphires and diamonds, and inspired by the myth of Pandora. On the Kerbedanz Quintum, the activation of the minute repeater also sets in motion automaton elements evoking air, earth and fire. For at Kerbedanz, everything is symbolic!"

Au cœur de vos propres légendes

Esperanza Classic Pink © Kerbedanz


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