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Omega  - What will the next James Bond watch be?

Omega What will the next James Bond watch be?

After a delay of almost 18 months, 007 is back on the big screen (at least in Switzerland). But what watch will we see on James Bond’s wrist next time?

This may be “No Time To Die”, but we’d really like to know what’s coming, as soon as possible. Never has a James Bond film been so eagerly awaited. The anticipation is running particularly high for two reasons: its launch was postponed for over a year, and this will be Daniel Craig’s last time in the role. However, this probably won’t be Omega’s last appearance, given that it has sponsored the saga since 1995. What can we expect to see? WorldTempus looks into its crystal ball.

Trend #1: surf the vintage wave

It’s tempting to wonder if the next episode will be released in 2025, which would be the 30th anniversary of the partnership between Omega and Bond (1995–2025). In terms of the actual timepiece, there are a number of possibilities.

What will the next James Bond watch be?

Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M 42mm worn by Bond in Quantum of Solace © Omega

The first that comes to mind is the most obvious: a continuation of the vintage theme. For around a dozen years now, this has been the strongest customer preference. Omega took its time jumping aboard, but succumbed with Spectre, and a Seamaster 300M complete with beige Super-LumiNova and a NATO strap. We would happily bet that the manufacture will continue with the historical theme, which was so successfully deployed for the latest model. We also shouldn’t forget that, for anything that comes out in the next 5 to 10 years, the 90s will be considered vintage!

Trend #2: no more gadgets

And then we have to consider the watch’s role as an accessory – a gadget, even. This seems an unlikely direction for any future Omega 007s. The reason is simple: the laser watch, the remote control watch, the telex watch – these are all very “Roger Moore” creations, from the years 1973 to 1985. For watchmaking, that was the quartz era. The technology opened up new prospects that led filmmakers to extrapolate the possibilities – sometimes to the point of absurdity.

But times have changed. Quartz is good for... telling the time. For everything else, it has been supplanted by smartwatches, which offer entirely different possibilities, none of which are compatible with Omega, simply because the Biel manufacture doesn’t make smartwatches. Daniel Craig inaugurated an era of minimalism and muscular efficiency. It’s unlikely that the future Omega will hark back to a more gimmicky era.

What will the next James Bond watch be?

Seamaster 300M worn by James Bond in Quantum of Solace, 2008 © Omega

Trend #3: a simple Seamaster

007’s emblematic range is the Seamaster, and has been since 1995. This is logical, because he is a Commander in the Royal Navy. Could we conceive of a situation where he would wear a different timepiece? Perhaps, depending on where the action takes him. A new space-themed film like Moonraker (1979) would provide an opportunity for 007 to temporarily swap his timepiece for an alternative better suited to the circumstances. But the Seamaster would remain his default choice. Particularly so, given that 2027 and 2028 will mark the 70th anniversary of the “professional” Seamaster (1957) and the 80th anniversary of its creation (1948) respectively.

What will the next James Bond watch be?

Quantum of Solace, 2008 © Omega

Trend #4: shockproof

One constant runs through almost all the Bond watches: their minimalism. One wouldn’t wish to engage in hand-to-hand combat wearing a minute repeater with flying tourbillon, which is no doubt why 007 prefers the same dependable features: three hands, date, steel bracelet. Omega has rarely deviated from these canons (the sole exceptions being the “Commander’s Watch” and more recent timepieces fitted with a NATO strap). The future Omega 007 has no obvious reason to change course, despite the fact that, these days, most watches come with two straps!

What will the next James Bond watch be?

Seamaster 300M ref. 2220.80 worn by James Bond in Casino Royale © Omega

Trend #5: a limited series

One final element is the limited series. In this respect, Omega must reconcile two somewhat incompatible aims: to produce a high-volume piece for the public, and to provide (extremely) high-end options for its wealthiest customers. But the circle has been squared with the launch of both unlimited and limited watches for each film. This has, however, led to some confusion.

The manufacture is still feeling its way. The second-hand market has reacted accordingly: a “Bond Watch” can fetch up to CHF 50,000 for a limited-edition presentation case (257 sets went on sale), or around CHF 2,000 for an unlimited model from the GoldenEye era. It may come as a disappointment to many, but it would appear that a mass market model no longer fits the increasingly elitist 007 label. Accordingly, we would not be surprised to see an extremely high-end model, specifically designed for the occasion, in a limited series.

What will the next James Bond watch be?

Seamaster 300M ref. 2220.80 worn by James Bond in Casino Royale © Omega


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