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Piaget  - Feather Art Altiplano

Piaget Feather Art Altiplano

A unique dial for this Altiplano by Piaget, made of feathers, produced by Émilie Moutard-Martin.

Once this virtuoso feat of craftsmanship is complete, the pure lines of Altiplano, the ultra-thin mechanical icon beating in step with the hand-wound 430P movement, are arrayed in a feather marquetry composed of a mixture of duck, peacock and rooster feathers, partially covered with silver leaf. This work represents an authentic challenge that involves handling the infinitely small with extreme care and calls for considerable expertise. The result is a fascinating sight creating a truly mesmerising effect and a perfect optical illusion. The legendary peacock with its blue and green plumage, a symbol of immortality, appears to be spreading its majestic and radiant tail feathers in order to infuse the wrist with its magnetic strength. A fine work of art perfectly framed by a white gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds and admirably completed.

Altiplano marqueterie de plumes

G0A42060 ©Piaget

Surrounded by boxes full of feathers of every colour and every size, the feather artist, works like a painter in choosing her pigments and materials. Rigorously selected for its exact shade, its density and its texture and individually chosen to create the required effects, the feather is finally washed in soapy water before being stabilised in steam and meticulously recut by hand. Each feather is then smoothed, ready to be carefully arranged in its appointed place according to cleverly alternating contrasts and geometrical patterns. This enables the artist to reproduce the desired composition before being glued flat. The miniature feather art technique is very similar to that of marquetry. Each touch must be accurate, guided by a quest for harmony calling for a combination of technical mastery and artistic vision. The feather artist’s creativity finds a privileged field of expression in feather marquetry, thereby creating a captivating visual poem.

Altiplano marqueterie de plumes



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