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Singer Reimagined - Past Perfect

Singer Reimagined Past Perfect

The timepieces of Singer Reimagined specialise in distilling life’s finest pleasures

Singer Reimagined is, at its very foundation, audacity made manifest. With its retro-styled timepieces, the brand proposes to improve upon an all-time icon of horology — the 1960s and 1970s sports chronograph — and give it a place in contemporary watchmaking. Originating from Singer Vehicle Design, renowned for its fearless restorations and modifications of the legendary Porsche 911, Singer Reimagined inherits and perpetuates the same creative spirit. 

The ambitions of Singer Reimagined are not limited to design, they cross over into the mechanical realm, as evidenced by the brand’s very first watch. The Singer Reimagined Track1 was the brand’s debut release in 2017, an innovative central chronograph driven by the groundbreaking AgenGraphe movement. The Track1 Collection therefore unites the biggest mechanical reinterpretation of automatic chronograph movement construction since 1969 (when the automatic chronograph was first invented) with an idealised case design from the same period — an achievement duly rewarded at the 2018 edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

Past Perfect

Track 1 Skeleton Carbon Edition © Singer Reimagined

In 2020, the Singer Reimagined Flytrack premiered yet another bold take on chronometric instruments, allowing the running seconds hand to be converted to a one-minute timer with the push of a button. Without interfering with the chronometric ability of the watch or affecting the display of the hours and minutes, the central seconds hand of the Flytrack can be zeroed with the pusher at 2 o’clock. As long as the pusher is held down, the seconds hand remains at zero. Even if the pusher is held down for extended periods of time, keeping the seconds hand at zero, the hour and minute hands continue to advance as they normally would. Once the pusher is released, however, the seconds hand leaps into action, essentially becoming a 0-60 seconds timer. 

Past Perfect

Flytrack © Singer Reimagined

Last year, the Singer Reimagined Flytrack Barista Edition layered an additional use for the one-minute timer onto the mechanism, with dial markings to indicate the appropriate number of seconds needed to brew different styles of coffee. The ristretto, a sweeter and slightly stronger brew than an espresso, takes around 15 seconds, followed by the standard espresso, which takes up to 30 seconds. This is followed by a lungo, made with twice as much water as a standard espresso, necessitating a longer brewing time. Lastly is the Americano, a large coffee in the style of the brews customarily found in the US. 

Past Perfect

Fytrack Barista Edition © Singer Reimagined

Common to all the watches made by Singer Reimagined is the desire to focus on certain aspects of specialised interest, whether it’s the appreciation for retro chronograph design, the intricacies of mechanical chronography, or even the coffee enthusiast’s need for timing precision in brewing the perfect cup of java. The creative credo of Singer Reimagined is “Everything is important” — an approach that can be clearly seen in the brand’s detail-oriented process of producing watches that cater to life’s sybaritic pleasures. 



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A 100% independent brand, Singer Reimagined is famous for its revolutionary chronograph equipped with 3 central hands. The brand is designed for collectors fascinated by all kinds of mechanical marvels.

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