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Established in 1883, Alpina is recongised as the inventor of the sports watch as we know it today, having presented its Alpina 4 model back in 1938.


The original swiss alpine sports watch manufacture since 1883

Founded in 1883 and famous for its red triangle signature, Alpina is a Swiss watchmaking manufacture based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Maison aims to develop luxury sports watches that operate with the greatest precision and reliability in the most demanding environments, like the Alps.

A true watchmaking pioneer, Alpina has been the source of numerous patents and innovative calibres for 137 years. In the early twentieth century, Alpina was known as an official supplier of time instruments for military pilots, before revolutionizing the concept of sports watches in 1938, with its legendary Alpina 4.

Faithful to its long tradition of innovation, in 2015, Alpina launched the first connected Swiss Made Horological Smartwatch, thereby creating a new segment in the Swiss luxury sports watch industry. In 2020, the Maison presented the AlpinerX Alive, a new generation of smartwatches equipped with an integrated heart rate sensor and GPS, amongst many other features. Also concerned about the preservation of the Planet, Alpina introduced the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic line, made of recycled plastic from the oceans.

Inspired by the alpine universe since its creation, Alpina has always been deeply involved in outdoor activities and mountain sports. The Maison has therefore developed strong partnerships illustrating its engagement to this world, alongside its “Alpinists” Team of athletes and Friends of the Brand, who compete in the most challenging environments.

Brand Director: Oliver van Lanschot Hubrecht

Alpina is established.
The Alpina 4, the first Alpina sports watch, is launched.
The brand’s first diver’s watch, the Alpine Diver 10 Seastrong, was launched.
The brand is acquired by Frédérique Constant.
Alpina presents its first smartwatch and first in-house flyback chronograph.

Alpina designs and engineers luxury sport watches that operate with great precision and reliability in the most demanding environments. As is suggested by the brand name, Alpina watches have been tried and tested in one of the most demanding environments: the Swiss Alps.



In 1933, Alpina set the standards of the modern sports watch by unveiling its Alpina 4 timepiece: antimagnetic, antishock, water-resistant and stainless steel. True to the Maison’s DNA, the current Alpiner collection presents strong and sturdy watches that can resist the toughest conditions whilst remaining pure and easy to wear.


Since the 1920’s, Alpina has been developing pilot watches to accompany aviators and help them navigate in those early days. The Startimer collection stays faithful to the spirit of its predecessors, and presents clean and legible dials enhanced by traditional oversized crowns.


Alpina's diving watches are brought together in the Seastrong collection, presenting strong and readable features true to the Maison's legacy. Designed to please water sports lovers, these models perpetuate the Brand’s proud tradition established over the last century and can be used at depths up to 300m underwater.


Being a leader in ladies' watches in the 1920s, Alpina has always remained faithful to its tradition, adorning women’s wrists with beautiful timepieces. Reunited under the Comtesse range, Maison’s feminine creations feature a sporty yet elegant look, whether hiking in the mountains or deep diving.


Sporty yet connected, the AlpinerX timepieces are conceived to support outdoors enthusiasts as well as urban sports aficionados in their everyday life, or during their physical activities. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, they offer insights into one’s well-being and activity performance. While allowing notifications on their digital screen, the AlpinerX models also gather data to the user’s smartphone, thanks to the Alpina Smartwatch companion App, and identify areas for improvement.

Horological Smartwatch

Alpina was one of the first Swiss brand’s to launch a “horological smartwatch” for ladies and gents that keeps the smart technology hidden inside a traditional watch case with a traditional dial. The brand has its own in-house smartwatch technology division.


Everything you should know about Alpina watches.

Alpina Startimer Pilot, Alpina Seastrong, Alpina Horological Smartwatch, or Alpina for ladies? Let the professionals guide you.

Discover Alpina watches

Founded in 1883, the Alpina brand today belongs to Frédérique Constant Group, a multi-brand watch company with its own manufacture based in Geneva. Alpina watches are sports watches, divided into five collections ranging from Alpina for ladies to Alpina Horological Smartwatches– the first Swiss Made connected watches. Known for their competitive price positioning, Alpina watches range from CHF 595. for the Alpina Horological Smartwatch to less than CHF 4000. for the Alpina Alpiner with in-house flyback chronograph movement. An Alpina automatic can be purchased for an accessible CHF 1250. Close to one hundred steel models with various designs are proposed on the brand’s e-commerce site, along with a number of bracelets.

The Essentials of the Alpina Startimer Pilot watch

The Alpina Startimer Pilot collection is the most important in terms of references, with more than thirty distributed over seven model lines. Prices range from CHF 750. for the Alpina Startimer Big Date with a quartz movement, to CHF 3250. for the Alpina Startimer Manufacture Worldtimer. Drawing inspiration from the original pilot watches, the Alpina Startimer Pilot models feature easy-to-read dials and various useful functions that include calendar, chronograph, small seconds, or world times.

Connecting with the Alpina Horological Smartwatch

A small independent company prior to its acquisition by Frédérique Constant Group in 2002, the Alpina brand took the world by surprise in 2015 when it launched (along with its sister brand Frédérique Constant) the first Swiss Made connected watch -- the Alpina Horological Smartwatch. Unlike other connected watches with large and uninteresting black dials, the Alpina Horological Smartwatch boasts the classic dial of a beautiful Swiss sports watch. Cleverly conceived, the timepiece is connected by Bluetooth to the owner’s portable telephone, transferring data in both directions thanks to an independent technological platform developed in Switzerland, home of the most highly protected personal data in the world. A choice of around twenty very attractive models, each with an autonomy of two years, is proposed for men and ladies.

Diving with the Alpina Seastrong watch

Widely acclaimed by specialized diving sites, the Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 model attests to the strong yet friendly personality of the recent Alpina Seastrong collection. Strong colours enhance four lines of models with extremely interesting value for money; one example is the Seastrong Diver Big Date Chronograph with quartz movement, priced at only CHF 995. For a more classic look, the two Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage models bring a vintage touch at a price unheard of in their category of automatic diving watches. And for those discreetly looking for their first connected watch, the Alpina Seastrong Horological Smartwatch is unbeatable with its diving design codes, priced at CHF 595.

Celebrating the Spirit of Swiss Mountains with the Alpina Alpiner

From among the thirty models of the Alpina Alpiner collection, the manufacture flyback chronograph movement selling for less than CHF 4,000. (very rare!) -- is without a doubt a must for any chronograph collection. The Alpina Alpiner collection also includes Alpina automatics, priced at a very reasonable CHF 1250. especially for a watch that is built to be antimagnetic, anti-shock, water resistant to 100 meters, and comes equipped with a notched bezel and screw-in crown. And the dial, in a choice of white, blue or black, shows the date.

Choosing an Alpina automatic watch

It’s difficult to go wrong with an Alpina automatic watch for ladies or gents; priced from CHF 1250. their value for money is as much appreciated as their good looks. Men can easily be tempted by an Alpina Alpiner automatic or an Alpina Startimer Pilot automatic chronograph. Or perhaps by the limited series Alpina Startimer Pilot Manufacture with its stylish retro look and small date at 6 o’clock. Its movement is entirely conceived and made in-house.

Alpina Watches for ladies

The Alpina brand has not forgotten ladies, on the contrary! offering a wide choice of watches that are diamond-set or not, connected or not. In addition to the many masculine models that ladies have already adopted, Alpina watches propose more than a dozen references within the Ladies Horological Smartwatch and Comtesse collections, made specifically for the feminine wrist. The Alpina Comtesse automatic models with date on a guilloche dial and diamond-set bezel are priced from CHF 1195. And for the health-conscious lady, the connected Alpina Horological Smartwatch provides personalized advice to keep her on track.