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Breitling - Explorers Squad

Breitling Explorers Squad

Following the Cinema Squad and the Surfers Squad, Breitling presents its Explorers Squad.

Corporate social responsibility is one of Breitling’s central tenets and the brand believe in the power of “doing well in doing good.” The Maison aims to become carbon neutral and engages in environmental missions such as its recent engagement with Ocean Conservancy, a non-governmental organization dedicated to leading the global fight for a healthy ocean and clean beaches. Its past demonstrates that Breitling has always been involved in exploring new fields of activity and will continue to do so in the future – together with its squads.

Since the launch of its Squads, Breitling has already presented two groups whose members are all recognized masters in their respective professions: the Cinema Squad - Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Adam Driver and Daniel Wu - and the Surfers Squad - Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Kelly Slater. Now the brand unveils its Explorers Squad made up of three famous explorers : Bertrand Piccard, David de Rothschild and Inge Solheim.

Bertrand Piccard

It is in Bertrand Piccard’s DNA to achieve the impossible. Part of a legendary dynasty of explorers and scientists who conquered the heights and depths of our planet, he made history by accomplishing the first ever non-stop around-the-world balloon flight on board Breitling Orbiter 3. With his vision of demonstrating the immense potential of renewable energies, he then initiated the Solar Impulse challenge, and circumnavigated the globe in an airplane powered only by the sun. A pioneer of clean technologies, his goal is now to select 1000 economically profitable solutions to protect the environment. With his dual identity as a medical doctor and a serial explorer, Bertrand Piccard has become an influential voice as a forward-thinking leader for progress and sustainability.

David de Rothschild

David de Rothschild is an environmentalist, adventurer and the Founder of the Sculpt the Future Foundation, a group that uses exploration, adventure and storytelling as a way to give nature a voice. Driven by his curiosity for the natural world, he has ventured to some of the most remote and fragile ecosystems on our planet, bringing attention and innovative solutions to urgent global environmental issues. David was the youngest Briton ever to reach both geographical poles and in 2010, he set sail in a fully recyclable catamaran kept afloat by 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles. He and his crew sailed 8000 miles across the Pacific to alert the world to the devastating effects of single-use plastics. David has been recognized as a United Nations Climate Hero, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, a Global Cleanup Ambassador, and a WEF Young Global Leader.

Inge Solheim

Inge Solheim is considered one of the world’s leading guides. He has many years of professional experience in guiding, exploring, and consulting in the most extreme environments on Earth. In 2005, he took part in Blizzard, BBC’s reconstruction of Scott’s and Amundson’s race to the South Pole. Inge was the expedition leader for Prince Harry’s charity Walking with the Wounded. He guided the Prince and wounded soldiers to the North Pole in 2011 and to the South Pole in 2013. Millions of people saw the inspiring BBC and ITV series. Inge was producer for North Pole Ice Airport and has been head of safety and logistics on numerous nature and adventure TV productions.

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The brand

From humble family beginnings Breitling grew into a major player in the world of chronographs and aviation instruments. At the dawn of a new era, the brand is poised for a legendary future.

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