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Zenith - WorldTempus Blind Date With Zenith

Zenith WorldTempus Blind Date With Zenith

Our new video series takes a surprising new approach to watch appreciation

Watchmaking is a language all on its own. Those fluent in its grammar, syntax and vocabulary can read a watch like you’re reading these words right now — they can tell at a glance if a watch has a chronograph function, if it’s cased in metal or ceramic, or if it has a self-winding mechanism. But what happens when you take away their sense of sight?

The WorldTempus Blind Date puts the experts of the horological world to the test, pushing the limits of their knowledge and understanding of this centuries-old métier. Wearing blindfolds and using only their senses of touch and hearing, WorldTempus editor-in-chief Suzanne Wong and Zenith Product & Heritage Development Director Romain Marietta go on a multi-course chronometric experience at the Zenith manufacture in Le Locle, featuring a “Chef’s Choice” menu of recent timepieces from the historic brand. Romain has the home-ground advantage, but can Suzanne hold her own on the first ever WorldTempus Blind Date? Who goes home happy and who pays for dinner?


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Ever since it was founded, Zenith has been cultivating the ability to open up new horizons by assisting with some of the most remarkable human achievements.

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