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ITNB - In a Time of Cybersecurity

ITNB In a Time of Cybersecurity

Matteo and Nicolai Brignoli who head up ITNB aim to protect the watch industry from cyberattacks

Nicolai, you are member of the Fine Watch Club, but what still connects you to watchmaking?
The relationship with watchmaking goes back to my childhood! As son of a mechanical engineer, I was immersed in cutting oil and inventions. We are not only sensitive to the aesthetics and the stories of time, but also to the technologies, as well as to materials and their treatments. With ceramics, for example, it was love at first sight!

In a Time of Cybersecurity

Matteo and Nicolai Brignoli © ITNB

Your ITNB company helps protect companies in terms of cybersecurity; how do you achieve this?
ITNB monitors clients’ online reputation and ensures their security by presenting the results of the analysis in an open discussion. We then suggest measures to protect against threats through our 24/7 active security center, which relies on AI and hyper-responsive detection technologies. We focus on personal contacts to assess each case and take the most appropriate action.

To your knowledge, does this concern many brands in the watch industry (and if so, those of what size)?
Unfortunately, cyberattacks involve SMEs as well as giants and industry 4.0 has inspired hackers’ business models. The legal and reputational consequences of an attack are all too often underestimated. The entry into force of the fully revised Swiss Data Protection Act will usher this issue into a whole new dimension and ignoring it will prove far more costly.