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Kerbedanz - Cadanz by Kerbedanz

Kerbedanz Cadanz by Kerbedanz

Watchmaking excellence: Kerbedanz, the makeover New line Cadanz by Kerbedanz, the style with a thousand faces

Cadanz by Kerbedanz, the new Kerbedanz collection is surprising the watchmaking scene with its sparkling and delicate aesthetic. Available in three sizes, its exquisite geometric effects combines with craftsmanship while its elegance transcends genders.

It was announced. With a wealth of experience in listening to singularities and capturing individualities, Kerbedanz is now moving into new territory with Cadanz by Kerbedanz, going beyond one-off pieces and micro-series. In total this line already includes more than 30 references and it will continue to grow. Classicism sprinkled with freshness and contemporaneity.

Distinguishing marks

The Cadanz by Kerbedanz timepieces are available in three sizes, 32, 36 and 41 mm in diameter. They are distinctive for their guilloche central pattern and, like all Kerbedanz watches, for the way the crown is positioned at 2 o'clock. And when the date is indicated on the dial, its more or less open window is also located in the same perspective at 2 o'clock. While all the glasses are made of sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, even when the watches can be enjoyed through the back, all the straps in this collection, with their identity buckle, offer an elegant orange highlight, one of the brand's signature colors, together with navy blue..

Cadanz by Kerbedanz

Cadanz Cruise © Kerbedanz

Idyll, Signature, Cruise and Boutique Edition

The Cadanz by Kerbedanz Idyll are distinguished by their two italic Arabic numerals, 12 and 6, intersected by a circular rib that also runs through the baton-shaped indexes. A lower circle shape that boldly breaks up any visual dullness and adds to the aesthetic combinations. As for the dials of the Cadanz by Kerbedanz Signature, they spell out their numbers 12-3-6-9, sometimes with a slight openwork on the hour markers of the 41 mm diameter models. Finally, still with this size of 41 diameter, there are these Cruise and Boutique Edition models that spell out the hours from 1 to 12, using a sleek and stylish typographic font.

Cadanz by Kerbedanz

Cadanz Boutique Edition © Kerbedanz

Materials and finishes combinations, stone settings

An infinite number of combinations emerge from all imaginable transversalities. [[Finishing]]s that explore the fundamentals of watchmaking as much as the liberties taken in the face of codes that need to be shaken up. These explorations can be found in two or even three of the Cadanz by Kerbedanz sizes available, in each of the selected materials, such as steel, rose gold or DLC on steel. The range of options includes mother-of-pearl, navy blue, black, eggshell color, sword hands, and date display under opaque glass. In addition to the aesthetic brilliance of the watch, jewel options can be added with precious sparkles: bezels, lugs and sometimes even the entire case middle can be covered with white diamonds. Ultimately, this feeling that each Cadanz by Kerbedanz is unique.

Cadanz by Kerbedanz

Cadanz Idyll Jewellery © Kerbedanz

Automatic watches, Kerbedanz calibers

The Cadanz by Kerbedanz are all selfwinding mechanical watches with a generous power reserve. Their hours, minutes and seconds caliber, sometimes with a date, is housed in a three-atmosphere water-resistant case. The Kerbedanz brand's chronometry expertise, located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry and in harmony with the most prestigious movement manufacturers, contributes to the excellence of Swiss Made and to the co-creation of highly personalized calibers. Such as, for example, the use of tungsten for the rotor of a Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier caliber.

Cadanz by Kerbedanz

Cadanz Signature Date © Kerbedanz


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