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WorldTempus on Tour
Ralph Lauren  - Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

The Polo Bears from the brand are off on holiday to Saint-Tropez. Find out how the WorldTempus team enjoyed their company?

Jordy Bellido

Feeling classy in Saint-Tropez, the Polo Bear Cricket Sweater Bear watch takes Ralph Lauren’s preppy style (with a modern and sporty twist) across the Atlantic. In keeping with the refined yet casual feel of the French Riviera, this 42mm timepiece is ideal if you want to attract attention. You might be surprised to learn that this elegant bear can also dive! Down to 50 meters to be precise! He is printed on a white lacquered dial in the finest detail, which makes him even more glamourous. After all, it is the details that separate the good from the great, and we would expect no less from Ralph Lauren. 

Marie de Pimodan

If you are looking for the perfect watch to stroll along the beach in style before going to dinner in a trendy restaurant in Saint-Tropez? Then the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Cricket Sweater could be just the thing! Chic, playful and emblematic it captures the essence of Ralph Lauren style through the silhouette of an adorable teddy bear with a preppy look. To look in sync with this handsome 3D-printed teddy bear on an off-white dial with Arabic numerals, choose a striped shirt or a navy blazer with stripes. This will look striking with the tone-on-tone navy blue leather interchangeable strap that puts this timepiece at the crossroads between sophistication and sporty-chic casualness. It is perfect for the punctual gentleman who will also appreciate being able to count on the precision of its Swiss automatic mechanical movement. 

Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Polo Bear Cricket Sweater Bear © Caitlyn Fish/WorldTempus

Sophie Furley

For my Polo Bear choice, I have decided to go for the bear wearing jeans, tuxedo jacket and a bow tie. For me, he is the chicest bear of all, rocking the Ralph Lauren style of chic and casual all in one. Looking closely, you can’t help but wonder if he wasn’t modelled on Mr. Ralph Lauren himself! This model comes with a rather unusual pair of red lacquered hands that stand out beautifully without distracting from our elegant bear. Another unusual detail is the crown that is positioned at two o’clock, instead of the traditional three o’clock position, bringing an additional touch of quirkiness to the timepiece. This model is powered by an automatic movement and is paired with a black alligator strap, proving that you can be both serious and fun in the world of horology! 

Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Polo Bear Cricket Sweater Bear © Caitlyn Fish/WorldTempus

Caitlyn Fish

When I think of Ralph Lauren I think of soft fabrics, whites, blues, and walking along impossibly clear beaches. Somehow, with the Ralph Lauren Riviera Polo Bear watch, they managed to capture this exact vibe. In the center of the dial is a hand-painted teddy bear holding a cocktail and wearing white slacks, a striped shirt, and a blue jacket that makes him look like a Frenchman ready to hop aboard a boat. This could not have been more perfect for our location. Wearing this piece to a fancy dinner in St Tropez I couldn’t help but feel like I fit right in. Not only that, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if other tourists there were sporting the same piece. The design itself is very sleek and classic so it sits light and comfortable on the wrist, but it’s also young and just a little bit silly. It honestly feels like a cocktail so it’s a good thing we decided to make one that goes with it. 

Suzanne Wong

I like a nice drink while taking in a beautiful sea view. I’m guessing everyone does. (Those who don’t are clearly not to be trusted.) Even the bear on this watch dial has a delightfully refreshing beverage in his grip — which he has somehow managed to achieve despite a lack of opposable thumbs. To me, that demonstrates a profound commitment to the pleasures of life, a commitment that transcends the limitations of ursine anatomy. I want to be like this bear. And if wearing this watch helps me become closer to embodying this sybarite teddy, then that is exactly what I am prepared to do for the rest of my life. And for our tropézien take on the cocktail so firmly endorsed by Mr Bruin here, click over to our Instagram stories, and prepare the ice cubes and lime wedges. 

Test en équipe : WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Polo Bear Cricket Sweater Bear © Caitlyn Fish/WorldTempus


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